Stroller Accessories In Any Kind Of Weather

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What kind of stroller accessories can I get that will protect my infant from the elements?

Stroller Accessories In Any Kind Of Weather

When traveling, it's always a good idea to find out about the climate and weather conditions of your destination ahead of time. That way, you can be prepared to dress both you and baby appropriately for the trip. If you're bringing a stroller, keep in mind that with a few accessories, you can protect your infant from many of the elements. Some strollers come with these accessories, but if yours doesn't, you can always find them at a stroller specialty shop or one of the major infant retailers, like Babies R Us.

Foot Muff – Many of the better stroller lines come with these, but if yours doesn't, you can always purchase one separately. Ideal for cold weather days, the boot cover attaches to through the harness of your stroller and wraps around your baby or toddler for warmth. JJ Coles makes a version for infants as well as toddlers that fit most types of strollers.

Rain Cover – If a rain cover comes with your stroller, you'll likely snap it on for a custom fit. It provides a clear vinyl shade to keep the rain out, but let baby enjoy the view. If you need to purchase it separately, you can get a one size fits most version, which rests on top of your stroller. Especially For Baby at Babies R Us makes stroller rain covers.

Sun Shade – These might snap on to your stroller much like a rain cover does if your stroller comes with it. The best ones are UV filtered to keep the sun's harmful rays away from your child. They're typically made of a soft woven fabric that drapes over your stroller and allows your infant to see out.

Sun Canopy – Just about every stroller has a sun canopy with the exception of some of the most basic umbrella strollers. However, if you've ever toyed with one of these, you know it takes some adjustment throughout your walk to keep the sun out. Short of using a blanket to cover baby up, if you want to go the canopy route, you can purchase a canopy attachment that'll block out much more sunlight than a standard stroller canopy will. Protect A Bub makes a canopy shade attachment maintains visibility for your child while providing sun protection.

Mosquito Net – If you're going somewhere tropical where mosquitoes are abound, this is one handy stroller accessory to have. It's typically a mesh fabric with attaches snugly to your stroller via an elasticized bottom. They're much more common on European models of strollers, but you can purchase them separately. See if your stroller manufacturer carries them. If not, baby retailers or places selling outdoor gear do carry them.



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