Sleeping On The Plane and Car

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How will my child sleep while we’re on the plane or car?

Sleeping On The Plane and Car

One good thing about sleeping on the move with your little one is that sleep and movement go together at this age. Many parents find infants and toddlers will be lulled to sleep in the car, or will fall asleep in Mom or Dad's arms during a walk, if it's anywhere near their naptimes. If you're wondering just how your infant or toddler should be sleeping while you're headed to your vacation destination, here's what you can expect.

On the plane: If you're on a red eye flight going across the coast or going on a transatlantic journey, you'll likely need to figure out sleeping accommodations. Since fares for children under 2 are reduced, do consider getting your infant her own seat. If you have a young infant, consider reserving your seats in the bulkhead section. Check with your airline first, but most supply a bassinet for you that attaches to the wall. Also check the height and size restrictions, as some bassinets sizes vary. During an especially turbulent flight, you'll likely want to strap your infant into her own child seat.

Toddlers should have their own child seat as well. If a flight is empty, you might be able to snag an extra seat in your row so your toddler can spread out during sleep time. As with any flight, if you encounter turbulence, have your toddler in her own seat.

In the car: If your car is moving, you infant or toddler should be strapped in her car seat at all times. If you plan on being on the road while your little one needs rest, she should always be sleeping in her car seat. Never give in to the temptation to hold your baby while she's sleeping in the car.



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