Mealtime On Planes

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What do I need to know about mealtime for baby on the plane?

Mealtime On Planes

Feeding baby on the plane doesn't have to be a complex task, but it
does require a little bit of planning. Gone are the days of travel when you could just pick up and go – then stop somewhere to eat when it suits you. We want feeding baby on the go to be as simple as possible for the traveling parent, so we've put together our best plane tips from parents who've flown the friendly, and not-so-friendly, skies.

  • When you book your flight, contact the airline to reserve a kid's meal for toddlers or request an infant meal for babies. Not all airlines carry them, but most longer flights and international flights with major airlines do have baby food. Ask what amenities they have for your infant at this time so you'll know what to expect.
  • Regardless of whether an airline carries food for an infant, you'll want to pack your own. You don't want to have to rely on their service to feed your little one if she's hungry. Pack everything in sealed plastic bags and plastic containers.
  • If you're planning on bringing a bottle on the plane, you should be able to get it heated on the plane. This is another thing you should check ahead of time if you're concerned about it.
  • Pack a stash of disposable bibs. They fold flat, you can use them more than once if you want to wipe them clean, and it's convenient to just toss when you're done.
  • Have a hand sanitizer on hand to clean your hands and baby's. They come in travel sizes and are really portable.
  • Wipes for cleaning up messes during and after eating are invaluable. For travel, get a handy travel size pack.
  • If your infant is on solids, you can feed her in her seat or on your lap. Use your best judgment as to what's easier and safer. If there's turbulence, you'll want to leave her in her seat.
  • You'll be able to use disposable utensils from the plane, but for younger infants, bring your own. Coated spoons will be more suitable for sensitive gums.



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