Travel Toys For Toddlers

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What are the best toys to get my toddler?

Travel Toys For Toddlers

When your baby reaches toddler stage, he'll be very active and curious about the world around him. He's much more coordinated and can even begin to use his hands to start “drawing”. Toddlers love to see what adults are doing, so toys that imitate grown-ups make good picks. During travel time, we recommend self-contained toys that you can just pack and go. We picked a few toddler appropriate toys that would be great for travel:

Whoozit Photo Album by Manhattan Toy ($11) – We're suggesting this one because it packs flat, is nice and soft, and will keep older babies entertained at least long enough to buy you a few minutes of much needed peace. Plus, we think the photo album idea is great – it lets you customize it with pictures and photos to keep older babies entertained. Hang onto this one through the toddler phase when your little one will be interested in finding familiar faces.

Cool Toys Box by I Play ($20) – This toy is a bit bulkier than some of the others, but completely self-contained. We think it's great for road trips, but also works for plane travel. Your toddler can play with sorted shapes, and spinning gears. The hammer, power drill, and removable screws are all perfect for toddler motor skills and exploring.



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