Travel Toys From Newborn To Six Months

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What are the best toys to get my infant if she’s less than six months old?

Travel Toys From Newborn To Six Months

When your child is under six months old, her senses and motor skills are rapidly developing. She goes from a tiny infant who is developing her hearing and eyesight to one who reaches out to grab, touch, rollover, and sit up. Brightly colored objects and toys that engage her various senses from sounds to textured fabric toys will be engaging for her.

If you're traveling, you want to bring a toy that's easily portable, rugged, and compact. We don't really think there's any one best travel toy out there for babies in this age range, or any other. There are lots to choose from. But we do have a few personal favorites that we think your little one just might enjoy.

Baby Whoozit by Manhattan Toy ($9) – We like this one because it's soft, compact (only 6” in diameter) and full of fun, colorful activities for baby to try out. Babies can make it rattle, make it squeak, bend the mouth, or enjoy their own reflection in the mirror. The best part? You can also attach it to a stroller or car seat.

Freddy The Firefly by Lamaze ($12) – This one really packs a lot of features into a tote sized toy. It's full of bright patterns that will catch a young baby's eyes. It comes in a soft package with an attached ladybug for teething, textured fabric for exploring, and wing with squeaker. The plastic hook for hanging is pretty convenient, too.



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