Five Signs A Toy Isn't Travel Friendly

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What toys should I avoid bringing with me on a trip?

Five Signs A Toy Isn't Travel Friendly

Your child may have a favorite toy, but the thought of carrying it
around with you from the airport, to the plane, into the rental car,
and to the hotel, doesn't make you jump for joy. Some toys are great for entertaining little ones at home, but just don't cut it on a
vacation. If you're on the fence about whether or not to take a toy
with you, here's our list of five signs a toy isn't travel friendly.

  1. There are more than a dozen different separate parts to this toy. If the toy has multiple pieces that can get misplaced or is otherwise hard to keep track of, don't bring this toy with you on the trip.
  2. You're having a hard time deciding whether to pack the toy in your luggage or take out half your wardrobe. It the toy is too bulky, heavy, or cumbersome, it's not a travel toy.
  3. The toy costs more than the price of your child's reduced fare ticket. We're not sure what toy you decided to buy your youngster that carries a steep price tag, but unless you can afford to replace it without so much as batting an eye, we recommend you don't take the toy on your trip.
  4. A puncture or breakage in the toy will cause a mini flash flood in your luggage. If you have a toy that could break and drench your clothing and belongings with water or some other fluid, it's best to leave it at home.
  5. You toddler loves the toy, but the repetitive flashing lights and musical tunes of the toy will make for a very long trip – for you and the other people around you. Need we say more?



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