Top Picks For Toddler Carriers

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Can you suggest some carriers that are toddler appropriate?

Top Picks For Toddler Carriers

Toddlers are certainly past the sweet cooing stage of an infant that relies completely on parental help for mobility from one place to another. However, they're still at a phase where getting a lift from Mom or Dad is much needed and wanted. Toddlers are the perfect candidates for a backpack carrier. They can get a nice view of the surroundings while enjoying a lift from a parent. And neck muscle control isn't a concern – a requirement for a youngster riding backpack style in a soft carrier.

To get the most mileage out of a toddler carrier, get one you can wear in multiple ways. When traveling, if you anticipate navigating a lot of stairs and crowded areas or simply prefer the use of a baby carrier, try some of these favorites.

For soft carriers, I really like the Ergo Baby ($90-$100). Some carriers will give you strain after half an hour of use. This one should keep you and your little one comfortable for quite a while. This cotton canvas carrier comes full of features like a zippered pocket, padded shoulder straps, and a hood for your little one. You can carry younger infants in front and older tots in the back. It's rugged enough for a hike outdoors and works equally well if you're zipping through the airport.

Another favorite is the Beco Baby Carrier, created by an active, outdoorsy mother who was determined to create a comfortable carrier for taking her son out and about with her. Although the Beco baby carrier is certainly suited for some local hiking, it doesn't look like a carrier styled for the outdoors. Fabric choices like crane patterns over a swath of blossoms or a funky dot print make these carriers much more chic. They're great for back carries, but you can use them as front carriers and hip carriers as well.



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