Do It Yourself Hotel Baby Proofing

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How can I baby proof my hotel room?

Do It Yourself Hotel Baby Proofing

Maybe you've got your own whole house full of childproof locks, baby gates, and outlet covers. But when you're traveling to new places, you won't have the same set-up. However, you might not have to do as much work as you think. Try these simple steps to baby proofing your hotel accommodations.

  1. Call the hotel you're staying at and ask what sort of baby proofing equipment, if any they have. If the hotel does offer the service, request to have your room baby proofed in advance of your stay.
  2. Assess what additional items you will need to bring, if any. Possible baby proofing items include outlet covers, faucet covers, toilet latches, and bi-fold locks if the closet opens as a bi-fold. An inexpensive way to childproof is to use pipe cleaners to secure items like drapery cords and masking tape to cover items like electrical sockets.
  3. When you get to the hotel, take a few minutes to do an inspection. Check the cabinets for any hazardous objects that may be accessible to your child. Get down low and look for small objects that may be choking hazards.
Helpful Hint : For some locations that are child safety approved, look at Safe Stay's Website at They list additional suggestions on what safety hazards to look out for as well as child-safe hotels in major cities across the United States.



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