Award Winning Stroller Toys

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What are some award winning stroller toys?

Award Winning Stroller Toys

Some stroller toys have impressed consumer experts so much, they've become award winning. The Oppenheim Awards are given to toys that meet the approval of a panel of judges as well as a child development expert. Here are two current Oppenheim picks for award winning stroller toys.

Sassy Stroller Bar – Spin it, twirl it, and crinkle it. This fun toy has multiple activities and attaches to strollers with adjustable straps. It also comes with a removable snack cup for munch time.

Tiny Love Stroller Play Set – Three different toys which each attach separately with Velcro make for an award winning toy that encourages interactive play. Your baby will learn to explore the various fabrics, sounds, and movements that are part of this toy.



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