Tote Diaper Bags For All Your Baby Essentials

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What options do I have for tote diaper bags?

Tote Diaper Bags For All Your Baby Essentials

For traditionalists at heart, tote diaper bags are one way to carry all of your baby's essentials for overnight trips to Grandma's house or an afternoon of errands. But tote diaper bags are anything but boring. If you prefer cute and cuddly, tote diaper bags with popular characters like Winnie the Pooh are definitely an option. However, if you're looking for a more practical yet classic diaper tote, Eddie Bauer offers a few different versions for you that doesn't announce you're carrying bottles, diapers, and sippy cups on the go. Eddie Bauer's diaper tote has features like a key holder, insulated bottle holders, and the all-important changing pad. For the parent who is looking to infuse a bit of style into a tote bag, try the fashion-forward diaper satchel bag. The fashion diaper satchel bag made by Kathy Van Zeeland is practical enough with a nylon exterior, but accented with strap and buckle details that say you're in style. Look for great features like zip closures, pocket organizers, and a cosmetic case.



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