Road Tripping with Babies

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Is it possible to take a baby on a road trip?

Road Tripping with Babies

Traveling in a personal vehicle is typically preferred to traveling on airplanes, by bus or on trains when you have an infant in tow. Take advantage of the conveniences of road tripping by stopping often to give your baby a break from a car seat. Rest areas and truck stops dot highways, and they provide everything you need from scenery at rest areas to showers at truck stops.

When road tripping with babies, plan to drive when the baby is sleeping. If this is not possible, say because you are driving solo, tack on an extra 8 hours of driving time for every 24 on the road. In addition to sleep for yourself, you will need to stop every hour at a minimum for diaper changes, feedings and play time.

Plan ahead with packing as you will need lots of things just for your baby. If you have made plans to stop along the way at friends' houses or hotels, ask if they have larger items that you can use while there, such as cribs and playpens. Bring along toys that are new to the baby, as well as a couple of favorites, such as stuffed animals or security blankets. Dress your infant in comfortable clothing and in layers, so you can peel off layers or change diapers with ease.

Keep a copy of the baby's birth certificate and Social Security card to provide identification in case of an accident. If you are crossing borders, research the passport requirements for babies. Also, if you are traveling as a single parent you will most likely need a document of permission from the baby's other parent stating you have permission to take the child into another country.



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