Put Together A First Aid Kit For Baby Travel Safety

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Put Together A First Aid Kit For Baby Travel Safety

Babies"R"Us Tip: Putting together your own first aid kit is one way to plan for baby travel safety, but to save the time and hassle, pick up a pre-packaged first aid kit for on the road. A pre-packaged first aid kit comes with the basic essentials you need for attending to your child's health, whether it's a fever, teething pain, or minor cuts, bumps, and bruises. Being prepared for baby travel safety not only gives you peace of mind, it helps protect your little one's health. Here are some of the basics to have on hand to ensure baby travel safety:

Emergency numbers - If you're going out of the country, find out who you would need to call, where you would go, and have that information handy.
Insurance cards - It's also a good idea to find out what you'll be covered for in the event you're outside of your local area.
First aid guide – Get one geared towards children and infants.
Medical prescriptions - If your baby has them, make sure you pack it. Also include your doctor's phone number and an oral syringe to administer it.
Thermometer - If for any reason, your infant gets a fever, you'll want to be able to check as soon as possible.
Antibiotic ointment – It'll help heal cuts and scrapes as well as stave off infection
Liquid soap - It's a tidy package to clean up cuts and scrapes as well as any other messes.
Sterile bandages – Use them to stop bleeding from little cuts and scrapes. Petite round or oval shapes are perfect for infants.
Infant acetaminophen - Use Infant Tylenol or the equivalent. Use this for relieving fevers as well as aches and pains from teething, colds, flu, or chicken pox.
Gas Reliever – Pack Baby Mylicon or its generic equivalent. If your infant has gas pains, this will help relieve it.
Pedialyte - If your infant has diarrhea or dehydration, you'll want to replenish her fluids.



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