What You Should Know About Toddler Car Seats

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What You Should Know About Toddler Car Seats

Babies"R"Us Tip: It's important to be educated about toddler car seats. Riding unrestrained in a car is the biggest cause of death and injury among children. Want to hear a sobering statistic? In 2004, 50 percent of the deaths in kids younger than 14 were caused by accidents where kids were not using safety restraints while in their vehicles. Follow these tips on toddler car seats to protect your child from harm in an automobile. Every year, Child Passenger Safety Week happens on during the week of Valentines Day. Child Passenger Safety Week draws attention to the public need for safety in child transportation. It's a great reminder for parents make sure their little ones have toddler car seats. Toddler car seats are not only important, they're essential for keeping your child safe in a car.



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