Five Tot Friendly Activities By Stroller

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What are some good activities to take my toddler by stroller?

Five Tot Friendly Activities By Stroller

If you're trying to decide where to take your toddler out around town, there's no better way to go than a stroller – if you pick the right venues. Whether you're visiting a new locale for a few days or looking for someplace to spend the afternoon, here are some ideas for parents looking for some stroller friendly places to go.

  1. Go on a walking tour. With a young child in tow, you don't necessarily want to join the crowd. Map out your own route or try one by cell phone. Talking Street is one company that offers cell phone tours in several cities throughout the U.S.
  2. Join a fitness group. You can sign up for just the day to get a workout with child in tow. Stroller Strides ( and StrollerFit ( have numerous locations to choose from.
  3. Go on a hike. You'll need a stroller that can handle the terrain and not every hiking trail can accommodate a stroller, but there are some that do. Check with the local Parks and Recreation department to find out which ones do. It's a great way to enjoy the fresh air and scenic view.
  4. Explore the local neighborhood. It's easy to miss all the nuances of a community when you're going by car. Whether you're in your hometown or vacationing in a resort town, it's a refreshing experience to take a walk on foot.
  5. Go to a botanical garden. Tots and parents alike will enjoy the landscaped environments, colorful flowers, and serene environment that a lush botanical garden has to offer.



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