The Beach Stroller

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What kind of stroller do I use for the beach?

The Beach Stroller

Headed out for the beach this summer and planning on bringing a stroller? If you are, it's important to remember that most strollers aren't made to withstand getting inundated with sand and salt water. If your wheels are made of steel, they'll rust due to salt water. Even if they're aluminum, the sand will tend to jam the wheels. If you're going to take your stroller out to the beach, the best thing to do is stay on a clean pathway.

However, if you must go out to sandy terrain, there is one jogging stroller that will navigate the ground with ease. The Kool Stride Senior by has sealed bearings to keep the sand out. Get the alloy version and you'll find the 20” rear wheels and 16” front wheel will cover sandy ground without damage to the stroller. If you're taking this one for travel, pop off the wheels and fold up the canvas frame for maximum portability.



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