How To Pick A Stroller For Travel

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What do I need to consider when getting a stroller for travel?

How To Pick A Stroller For Travel

Keeping in mind that there is no one dream stroller out there that is best for every type of situation, we think you can still use some reasonable judgment and a set of good criteria to get the best stroller for your travel needs. Whether you've got one trip in mind or you're planning for outings throughout the year, we think asking yourself this set of questions will help you figure out what's best for you.

Question 1: What kind of trip are of trip are you planning? Are you going by car or traveling by plane?
Hint: This will tell you whether kind of restrictions you need on your stroller selection, such as size and weight.

Question 2. What will you be using your stroller for? Are you just getting from one place to another or will you be jogging?
Hint : You can hone in on different types of strollers, like lightweight strollers, all terrain strollers, or jogging strollers.

Question 3. What type of ground will you encounter? Will there be paved streets or will there be rough roads?
Hint : This will tell you whether you need to look for a solid stroller with suspension or whether you can get away with an umbrella stroller for travel.

Question 4. What will the weather be like? Will it be warm and humid or cold and rainy?
Hint : You can figure out whether you need a canopy and other protective covering for your infant.

Question 5. What's the age and weight of your infant?
Hint : Certain strollers aren't appropriate for younger infants. For instance, joggers are more appropriate for older infants with good neck muscle control. Check the weight restrictions of a particular model of stroller.

Question 6. How much are you willing to spend?
Hint : Your budget will be the ultimate determinant of what you can and can't buy. Remember, not to get carried away with the lure of features you don't need. But it's important not to make a decision solely on cost savings.

Something to think about: A $700 pram stroller with an aluminum chassis, luxury foot muff, mosquito net, and diaper bag with changing bad might not be what you need for a trek through the airport. On the flip side, a $50 umbrella stroller doesn't have the durability of one that costs $300. If you expect to use an inexpensive stroller on a week-long jaunt through bumpy sidewalks in on an urban road, re-think the inexpensive stroller purchase.



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