Sleeping At The Hotel

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Where should my infant sleep in the hotel?

Sleeping At The Hotel

Sleep time for infants can be a prime time for parents during traveling. Catch up on your own much needed rest, pick up a book, or switch off with your spouse or another adult so one person can watch the baby while the other heads out. If you're planning your trip and wondering just what you should bring with you, find out what you really need and don't need to bring on a trip.

Many hotels do carry Pack N Plays or similar portable cribs. If you don't want to lug your own, call the hotel ahead of time and see if they can supply you with what you need. One cautionary note to this, is that you need to make sure the equipment is safe and in good condition. In 2000, the Consumer Product Safety (CPSC) Commission found 80% of the hotels reviewed had unsafe cribs. However, since that time, a program has been in place to promote a safety initiative to ensure that cribs are safe. The CPSC recommends parents find out whether a hotel has guidelines to make sure their hotel cribs are safe.

If your toddler has graduated to the big bed and you have room in the car, try adding a bedrail to make sleep time safer. First Years carries a single bed rail with a mesh screen. It's relatively easy to secure to the underside of a mattress.

Helpful Hint: Don't forget, if you don't want to bring bulky infant gear with you, there are baby equipment rental facilities that can accommodate your needs for portable cribs, bed rails, and other items.



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