Sleep Tight Tips For Little Ones

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How can I help my baby sleep well during a trip?

Sleep Tight Tips For Little Ones

If you're traveling for the first time with an infant or going to an unfamiliar location, you might be worried about whether your little one will sleep well during the trip. One mother put it aptly when she said, “Babies will tend to get the sleep the need on way or another. The same can't be said for parents.” However, there are some things you can do to ensure your little one will get her much need rest – so you can get yours, too.

  • Establish a familiar routine. Now when we say routine, we don't mean a rigid schedule by the clock. Instead, keep the general rhythms that you do when you're at home. For some parents this may mean a very loose approach where baby adapts to the parent's routine. For others, this may mean that Mom and Dad plan their trip around baby's nap and feeding times.
  • Bring familiar items to help your infant adjust. This could be her much needed pacifier, a familiar blanket, or a toy from home.
  • At bedtimes, use the same routine you do at home. If you do a bath, change into sleepwear, and then put your baby to sleep, follow the same pattern. Babies will do well with familiar rhythms.
  • For naps, have a stroller on hand if your baby sleeps in the stroller. Use a baby carrier if your baby will sleep in that. Either way, both are useful for getting out and about during naptimes.
  • Create a dim place for baby's sleep time. This may just mean turning out the lights at the hotel in the evening once your baby goes to sleep. One parent we know solved the dilemma of being able to keep the light on for her and her spouse by opening up the closet, moving in the portable crib, and suspending a sheet from the top of the closet over the portable crib. It became an instant private, darkened area. If you decide to try this, make sure the sheet is secure and that baby can't pull it down.



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