Helping Baby Adjust To Time Zone Changes

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How can I help my infant adjust to a new time zone?

Helping Baby Adjust To Time Zone Changes

If you're taking your infant with you across multiple time zones, you may need to help her adjust to a new schedule. Babies are adaptable, but like adults, need some time to adjust to new surroundings and changes. The best way to handle time zone changes is to start preparing for your adjustment before you arrive at your destination.

  • Try planning a flight that would work best with your infant's schedule. Depending on how far you're going and your baby's temperament, this might be a red-eye flight or it might be an afternoon flight. Use your best judgment.
  • You can start by making adjustments to your baby's bedtime a few days before the trip in 20-minute increments. Move her bedtime earlier or later, depending on the time difference at your arrival destination.
  • If you're flying in a plane, make the mental adjustment to function on the new time zone as soon as you depart. The best way to do this is by changing your watch to accommodate the time of your destination.
  • When you arrive, try putting your infant to bed according to the current time zone.
  • During the daytime, allow lots of time outdoors as this helps the body adjust to the current environment.
  • Be flexible with activities during the first few days and accommodate baby's need for an adjustment period. Everyone on the trip will be much happier in the long run. Remember, adults can take three days to adjust to a time zone, so be sensitive to your baby's routine.



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