Sail Away, Sail Away – To Europe

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Are Europe cruises a good vacation to take my baby?

Sail Away, Sail Away – To Europe

Going on a trip to Europe with baby once meant hopping on a long plane
flight, booking a hotel, and trekking around with baby in a backpack.
These days, the travel industry says cruising to Europe is
gaining in popularity. We can see why. You have the option to take a
shorter flight to the embarking port. Enjoy a leisurely cruise across
the Atlantic Ocean on a self contained ship that feeds you, entertains
you, and otherwise keeps you occupied with activities while you get
ready to explore at different ports of call. If you live in Fort
Lauderdale, you're in luck - a good number of ships depart from here to
set sail on a European cruise. To give you an idea of some possible
itineraries, we've listed a few cruises for the 2007 season.

If you've got quite a bit of time, Princess Cruises has a 17-day voyage
departing in early May which takes you from Fort Lauderdale to stops at
nine ports of call. You'll first stop off at Azores Islands. From there
stop at Lisbon, Portugal, in Vigo, Spain, in Paris, France, in London,
England, in Brussels, Belgium, in Rotterdam, Netherlands, in Oslo,
Norway, and finish the cruise in Copenhagen, Denmark.

If you're looking for a shorter cruise, try one with a more specific itinerary and fly directly to a port of call in Europe. Carnival Cruises will take you on a 12-day cruise from Rome, Italy. From there stop in Naples, Italy, in Rhodes, Greece, in Izmir, Turkey, in Istanbul, Turkey, in Athens, Greece, in Katakolon, Greece, in Livorno, Italy, and then return to Rome, Italy.

If you want something a little more upscale, go with Cunard
Cruises. You can go on a cruise as long as 22 days (perhaps best left
for a time when baby is all grown up) or for as brief as a 4-day cruise.
For summer 2007, you can visit Europe with a sampler cruise and begin
your journey in Southhampton, England. From there make a pit-stop in
Hamburg, Germany before you make the two day trip back to Southhampton.



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