Diapers And Other Cruise Pack List Essentials

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What will I need to bring with me for a cruise with my baby?

Diapers And Other Cruise Pack List Essentials

Unlike a road trip or even a plane trip to a metropolitan vacation
spot, cruising with babies presents a unique situation. Though you'll
be making pit stops at ports of call, you'll be sailing through a great
portion of your trip. Access to baby essentials can be rather limited.
Especially if you pick a destination where your ports of call consist
mainly of gorgeous scenery and meandering wildlife. Besides the usual
items of clothing, travel documents, and prescription medications,
there are some things you don't want to assume you'll have access to.
Keep in mind this pack list of baby essentials so that you're not left
without the things you need.

  • Baby Food – If your infant is on solids, don't expect the ship to provide this for you.
  • Formula
    – Consider the liquid version if your baby drinks it. Otherwise you'll
    end up paying for pricey bottles of water to mix the formula.
  • Disposable Bibs – They're so easy to pack, take up little space, and makes feeding time easier.
  • Diapers – Pack enough for the cruise and several days extra. Enough said.
  • Diaper Wipes and Diaper Rash Cream – Bring a few travel sizes to save space.
  • Large Plastic Bags – It makes disposing dirty diaper much easier and pleasant.



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