Your Cruise Upgrade Wishlist

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Which rooms on a cruise ship are the nicest?

Your Cruise Upgrade Wishlist

If you're not against spending a few hundred dollars or more, there are some upgrades you can ask for when you book a cruise with baby. The least expensive rooms are inside cabins with no view. Next up on the expense list are outside cabins on a cruise ship. It's always nice to have a view, but if you're going to splurge, we'd go for a room with a view – and some fresh air. Cabins with decks let you go outside and enjoy the view. Choose one of these if you're sailing on a scenic cruise. For those who want it all – a view, a deck, a little space from baby, and room for her to roam, get a suite or mini suite. It's great if you want to hang out at the cabin, but don't want to disturb your little one's naps.

So how much does it all cost? It'll vary based on factors like when you travel, which cruise line you choose, and your destination, but to give you an idea of just how much you'll pay for cabin upgrades, here's a sample price list for 2007.

For a 7-day round trip cruise on Norwegian in April:
Inside Cabin - $599
Oceanview – $699
Balcony – $1049
Suite - $1249

Helpful Hint: Not all cruise lines and ships are built alike. Compare different cruise lines to see which ship in which line has the kind of cabin you're interested in, in addition to the itinerary you want. For instance, the Emerald Princess of Princess cruises has a suite and a mini suite. The Norwegian Star of Norwegian Cruises only has a suite option.



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