Smooth Sailing On A Cruise With Baby

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How can I make going on a cruise with my baby go more smoothly?

Smooth Sailing On A Cruise With Baby

Like any other adventure with an infant in tow, sailing the high seas requires a bit of planning and open-mind to make the trip go smoothly. For those who are a bit weary of getting their sea legs, read our guide to cruising with baby.

  • Choose your destination wisely. Don't pick a cruise to Antarctica with baby just because you've been dying to go. Consider a warm weather or tropical location like the Caribbean or Hawaii. Then book your cruise with a line that is family friendly. The last thing you want to do is end up on the party cruise when you're trying to settle into a family vacation.
  • When you book, find out what amenities your room will have. Many cruise cabins come with mini fridges so you can store all of baby's food and milk. Also inquire about portable cribs. Your cruise line should be able to supply you with one.
  • One way to create a sleep environment for baby that allows you free reign to enjoy some down time is with a suite. But since that can upgrade the cost of your cruise by a grand or more, try going with cruise ships with decent size cabins. Disney has a generous sized cabins if you're contemplating a cruise to the Bahamas or Caribbean. Book a room too small and you'll end up having to remove some furniture to accommodate a crib.
  • Use the babysitting services or arrange to switch off with your spouse, a friend, or family member. You'll need some time to enjoy the on-board activities, ports of call, and shore excursions.
  • Bring a stroller and take a walk around on deck. It's a great way to get some fresh air, enjoy the scenery, and relax. If your infant will take a nap, bring a book or magazine.
  • On a cruise, like any trip, you should remember to be flexible. Though booking every shore excursion you can squeeze in might work for singles and childless parents. With baby in tow, you might want to skip most and just try a few.



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