Best Cruise Lines For Bringing Baby On Board

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What are some of the best cruise lines for infants?

Best Cruise Lines For Bringing Baby On Board

Wondering what the top baby-friendly cruises are? Not all cruise ships are best for families and baby. But we've done a little research on which ones are a little more family friendly. Here's the scoop:

  • Most cruise ships have individual babysitting available, including Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, Cunard, Crystal, and Radisson Seven Seas. You'll need to check with the cruise ship, but often babies from 6 months and up have childcare in place.
  • Group childcare is available with Disney, Celebrity, Carnival, Princess, and Cunard cruises.
  • One thing to remember is that although babysitting may be available, activity programs start at 2 or even 3 years of age for young children. Carnival and Norwegian are two cruise lines that have programs that start at age 2.
  • Royal Caribbean has teamed up with Fisher Price toys to create a playgroup for parents and infants who are from 6 months to three years.
  • Princess Cruises has a play area that's great for tots and open to babies – parent supervision required.
  • Cunard's playroom has a ball bin and doubles as a nursery.



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