Traveling Solo With Baby

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How can I make traveling alone with baby easier?

Traveling Solo With Baby

If you're a single parent or just heading out on a trip with baby on your own, rest assured that getting to your destination is not only doable, it can be a great, liberating experience. In case you're planning out your journey with some trepidation, we've put together some helpful hints ease your worries.

  • Pack the bare minimum. Especially if you're going by plane, you only want to pack the essentials you'll need to get you through the trip. Think long and hard before you decide to lug that portable crib with you. Maybe you borrow one at your destination or can you rent one for use when you arrive. It helps to be prepared, but when you're transporting an infant and 35 pounds of gear, you might think some things were best left at home.
  • Plan your route. If you're going by plane, identify your gate terminal, connecting flights, and destination as much as possible beforehand, rather than scrambling around to find out where you're going as you're trying to soothe your cranky infant. If you're driving, figure out where your rest stops will be ahead of time, so you don't end up stopping in the middle of nowhere to tend to baby.
  • Bring hands free gear. Whatever you can to keep you hands as free as possible, do so. Use a baby carrier so you can have hands free for your luggage or carry your luggage in a backpack if you're going to use a stroller.
  • Put it all on wheels. Don't lug around that fancy leather overnight bag when you can pull luggage much more easily on wheels. The less weight you'll have to bear, the better. This includes items like the car seat as well – put it in a bag, get a wheeled attachment, or get a convertible car seat stroller.
  • Elicit the help of others. Traveling on your own is no time to be shy. If you need someone to help you put your luggage in the overhead compartment so baby doesn't fall out of her still unstrapped infant seat, do so.
  • Keep documents in on place. Passports, boarding passes, identification, and other papers should all be in one easy to reach place so you're not fishing for them while trying to keep one arm around your sleeping child.
  • Keep in touch. Let friends and family members know your itinerary and where and when they should expect you to be.
  • Keep an open mind. Traveling with young children can be challenging – more so if you're doing it on your own. But expect the best and be prepared for the worst and you'll do just fine.



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