Six Beach Activities To Keep You And Little Ones Entertained

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What are some activities I can do with my baby at the beach?

Six Beach Activities To Keep You And Little Ones Entertained

Besides the calming sounds of lapping waves hitting the shore and enjoying the warmth of a sun-kissed day, there are a few other reasons we enjoy beach vacations with infants. Beaches come built-in as outdoor entertainment centers for little ones. Besides you, and a good dose of sun block, there's not much else a young child needs to keep her occupied at the beach. Still we've put together a few ways you can enjoy your time at the beach with baby.

  1. Create your own mini moat by digging a trench in the sand and adding water. Make sure you keep baby supervised at all times.
  2. Build your own sandcastle tower and let your tot be the bulldozer.
  3. Camp out on a beach towel under an umbrella and bring along a few baby toys for play. The view of the ocean and folks passing by will be enough to keep older infants and toddlers entertained.
  4. Pull out the jogging stroller and take your little one for a run along the waves. It's one ride that just might lull her to sleep.
  5. Take out the baby carrier and go for a stroll along the sand. You can enjoy the cool breeze and baby gets to enjoy the ride.
  6. For toddlers and older babies, toss a beach ball along the edge of the water. We bet just watching the waves come in will be entertainment enough.



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