Packing It Up – Diaper Bags For On The Go

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Can you tell me which diaper bags are best for travel?

Packing It Up – Diaper Bags For On The Go

Diaper bags are indispensable for day trips around town or week-long trips to the Caribbean. In general, we think that most diaper bags suitable for daily use work just fine for on the road or on the plane. But just in case, here's a little summary of what we think works best for hauling around your baby gear around on travel.

The Dad Diaper Bag – These days, dads are just as involved in a baby's care as moms. So it's only natural that there should be a diaper bag suitable for fathers to carry as well. They basically have all the same features and functionality of other diaper bags, but are designed to appeal to the fathers. Diaper Dude ($55-$60) has several messenger bags in their line that'll appeal to the urban, hip father. They also have a few bags geared specifically for moms as well.

Backpack Diaper Bag – The backpack diaper bags work equally well for walks around town as they do when you're headed out to the beach or camping. For trips that involve spending a lot of time outdoors, our pick is for the Outside Baby Cooler Backpack ($70). You have separate sections for dry items, cooler items, an outside bottle pocket, and the obligatory diaper changing pad.



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