Disposable Mealtime Gear For Babies and Tots

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What products make mealtime easier with my infant during travel?

Disposable Mealtime Gear For Babies and Tots

When it comes to mealtime gear for your little one, you'll want products that are easily packable, portable, and cleanable – that is, if you're traveling or out and about. We found a few items that are disposable as well, making your travels just that much lighter.

First Years Take and Toss Spill-proof Cups ($15 for 24 pack)– We like these because you can put them in the dishwasher and use them again, but they're meant for temporary use. So if you're done with them, you can toss them after your trip. At less than 70 cents a cup, you can take a few along for the journey, toss them when you're done, and save the rest for the next vacation. You can also get take and toss snack containers as well as a flatware set, which includes disposable spoons and forks.

Topper to Go ($20 for four kits) – This all in one pack works best for toddlers. The box comes in a four pack and includes a mat and disposable bib, sippy cup, fork, and spoon. We like the idea for its convenience – you just grab a cup everything's ready to use.

Pampers Pocket Bibsters ($23 for 128 count in size large) – These disposable bibs catch the food nicely and keeps liquids off infant clothes with a leak-proof liner. We like that they're so easy to pack in your diaper bag for the road.

One Shot Formula Bags ($14 for 100)- It's an easy way to store formula servings for your infant during travel, and comes with a funnel tip for easy pouring. Divvy up the proportions before you go on your trip and when it comes to make baby's bottle there's less fuss and less mess.



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