Water Babies

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What do I need to do if I want to take my baby out to the water?

Water Babies

A lot of vacations go hand in hand with time by the pool, ocean, or a lake. If you're bringing baby along with you by the waterside, you'll have your own set of challenges. You can no longer cast your cares aside and jump in for a dip – at least without someone watching your little one. To make your time around the water with baby safe and fun, we've written this just for you.

  • First on the list is baby's safety. Vacation is for enjoyment, relaxation, and fun, but never forget to keep an eye on you little one at all times. This means even if the water happens to be just a few inches deep. Infants who don't have the requisite motor skills can drown in water that is less than two inches deep.
  • Next on the order of business is cleanliness. If you decide to put your baby in the pool at all, make sure you put on the requisite swim diaper. We'll say it plainly - babies can transmit diseases to others via a parasite that is found in poop. If you're seeking a little waterproof fashion, we like Kushies Swim Diapers ($8) for the adorable print designs. On the other hand, if you're looking for a throwaway option, Huggies has disposable swim diapers for your little one.
  • Now to the fun part; water toys can add a whole dimension of exciting play for babies. Our personal favorite is the beach ball. They come in bright colors that babies love to look at and are perfect for batting around poolside. What we like best about traveling with one is that you can deflate it and fold it flat. For a fun variation, try the Goofy Balloownfish Beach Ball by Intex ($4). It's a petite beach ball with fin and tail add-ons, turning it into a delightful water toy.
  • Keep in mind baby's temperament and routine. If she's not enjoying the time in the water or cranky and tired, it's time to take her out and head back for a break or nap.
  • Babies can get cold – fast. If the water temperature is less than 85 degrees Fahrenheit, it may be too cold. If she's shivering, take her out immediately and warm her up with a dry towel.
  • It's also a good idea to dry your baby's ear out with a cotton ball or towel right after she's had a dip. Babies can get an ear infection due to water that stays trapped in their ear canals.



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