Snagging Hotel Savings

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Is there a way for me to save on hotel accommodations?

Snagging Hotel Savings

When you're booking hotel accommodations for a family trip, you don't want to be stuck paying more than you have to. There are a few ways to save money when you're booking accommodations.

  1. Don't always go for the room with a view - at least not of the ocean. A garden view is less expensive than an ocean view. If you really don't mind, the so called “standard run of the house” view which may give you a direct sightline to the hotel rooftop or parking lot, is a less expensive room to book.
  2. Ask for a discount. Sometimes hotels run specials or will honor discounts for card club members like, AAA.
  3. Check rates online as well as directly with the hotel desk. A standard room rate does not apply in the hotel world. Depending on which source you decide to book with, you may get a different rate.
  4. After you book, check back to see if there are rate changes. It's always good to book early, but you can call the hotel again to see if their rates have changed in your favor. If they have, see if you can adjust your reservation to reflect the lower rate.



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