Travel Toys From Six Months To A Year

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What are the best toys to get my infant if who is just under a year old?

Travel Toys From Six Months To A Year

At this stage of the game, your baby is getting increasingly mobile. She may go from crawling to standing between six months to a year of age. Some infants do walk under a year, but if yours doesn't, count this as a lucky blessing. You'll have less chasing to do at home and on your trip. Toys that encourage movement, fine motor skills, and the exploration of cause and effect are great for babies of this age. For traveling, we've picked a few toy suggestions that you can just pop in your diaper bag and pull out to entertain baby.

Munchkin Twisty Teether Toy ($7)– Not every toy has to be complicated. This one twists and shakes for fun sounds and comes with nubs for babies who are teething. It's also the perfect size to take on any trip.

Winkel By Manhattan Toy ($11) – It's got a ton of bright colored flexible rings attached to a bright polka dot square in the middle. For older babies who are teething or just like figuring out how to grasp and pull with their hands, this one is compact and easy to bring along with you.



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