Infant Toy Safety

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What toys are safe and appropriate for my child?

Infant Toy Safety

During your travels, you're likely to peruse through tourist shops, street vendors, or maybe even a toy store or two. Getting swept up in buying cute little trinkets for your infant or toddler can be especially tempting. However, keep in mind that not all items, no matter how cute, clever, or well designed they appear to be, are safe and appropriate for young children. Keep these infant toy safety tips in mind on your travel shopping sprees.

  • Check to see if a toy has a label for age appropriateness. Though it may be tempting to purchase that cool gadget for your infant, think twice. Some of these toys can have small parts that can become choking hazards for your infant or small child.
  • Don't purchase small rubber balls for your child if they are less than 1-3/4” in diameter. They can be choking hazards. In general, anything that can fit through the inside of a toilet paper roll can be considered a choking hazard.
  • If you're buying a plush toy, avoid anything with parts that may come loose, like glued on eyes and noses.
  • Avoid plush toys that may have pellet sized stuffing. If the toy tears or breaks, these pellets can become choking hazards for young children.



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