How To Keep Track Of Your Toddler When Traveling

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How can I keep better track of my toddler when I’m traveling?

How To Keep Track Of Your Toddler When Traveling

If you have an active toddler and you're going on a trip, he'll probably want to spend some time on his feet running around and exploring his new environment. While this may help burn off some toddler steam, it does present the dilemma of keeping track of a young child. And as you know, they can be out of your sight very quickly. If you have some concerns about keeping track of your toddler, here are a few ways you can make sure your toddler is safe and sound.

  • Dress them up in bright colored shirts. Orange or red comes to mind, but use whatever color your fashion sense permits that lets you spot your little one in an instant.
  • Get a leash. We know how this sounds, and before you imagine your toddler in shackles, check out a product out called the Eddie Bauer Harness Buddy ($10 and up). Your toddler wears a harness on his body, but it's dressed up by an adorable plush animal. Get the one with the monkey if you want one that will eventually convert into a backpack.
  • Get a child locator. You can find some effective, inexpensive gadgets that your toddler will be delighted to wear. Giggle Bug ($20) makes a child locator that comes in brightly colored ladybug shapes. Clip one on your toddler and keep the hand held activator with you. You'll be able to locate your child by following a high decibel beep as long as he's within 150 feet of you.



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