How To Avoid Diaper Disasters

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How do I deal with diaper changes during travel?

How To Avoid Diaper Disasters

Diaper changes quickly become second nature for any parent with an infant. Dealing with diaper duty on the home front is one thing, but dealing with it while you're traveling is another.

We fondly recall the story of a husband and wife who were in the midst of changing their toddler's diapers on the plane. Just when they removed one soiled diaper, their tot decided it was time to go again. It was at this time, they both discovered they were out of diapers. You can picture the rest of the scenario. Don't let this be you. Follow our advice on how to avoid diaper disasters for your next trip.

  • Always have a stash of diapers in your diaper bag, so you can just grab it and go when you're heading out. Fill your diaper bag up when you get back from an outing, not when you're headed out the door. But always check before you leave your hotel, cruise ship, or whatever your temporary headquarters may be to make sure you've got enough to keep baby clean and happy.
  • For a trip, pack enough diapers in your luggage to get you to your destination and then pack some more.
  • If you're heading on the plane, change your baby's diapers shortly before boarding the plane or for a drive in the car.
  • Many planes do have a changing table for baby in one of the lavatories. If you're not sure, inquire before you get to the airport. It might be a good idea to find out what infant supplies, if any, the airline has. Some may have disposable diapers, wipes, and creams. Don't expect that they will, but it's always good to find out before your flight.
  • If there isn't a changing table on board and baby needs a diaper change, you might just have to make do with an empty seat aisle. If that isn't available, your own seat will have to do.
  • Even though you're out and about and having a good time, remember to check baby's diaper often. It's better to change it when you can stop and take a break than when you realize you've got a mess to clean up.



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