Four Fabulous Vacations That Aren't Family Friendly

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What are some vacations that aren’t appropriate for baby?

Four Fabulous Vacations That Aren't Family Friendly

Sometimes a vacation idea comes to mind that might sound appealing, but just isn't a good choice when it comes to bringing baby along. Though we trust you all have keen sense of judgment when it comes to deciding what trip would and wouldn't be appropriate for your infant, we thought we'd throw in our list of four otherwise great vacations that aren't family friendly – just in case.

Maybe you've always been the adventurous type and you just loathe to give up the high adrenaline lifestyle. More power to you! However, if your vacation involves scaling sheer cliffs, trekking sub freezing temperatures, and approaching arctic wildlife, it's not a family friendly vacation.

We think beach vacations and the bustle of travelers coming together to celebrate a new season is a terrific ritual. Cancun is a resort town with stunning beaches and an active nightlife. However, travel out to the town during spring break with an infant in tow when the area is teeming with partygoers – not a good family vacation.

A trip out to China to see 11 cities in 14 days complete with 10 planned daytrips sounds like a culture enriching once in a lifetime experience. However, it's hard enough for grown-ups to make it through such a whirlwind adventure, let alone an infant who as round the clock feeding and sleeping needs.

A car road trip from coast to coast through deserts, mountains, small towns, farm lands, and urban cities in a week can be a blast – if you don't have to worry about stopping for feedings, changing diapers, setting aside naptimes, and other baby care needs.



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