Childcare and Travel – How To Assess What's Best

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What’s a good way to evaluate childcare for my infant?

Childcare and Travel – How To Assess What's Best

It's not always easy leaving your infant in the care of someone else. Especially when you're traveling, you want to make sure you're leaving your baby in the best hands. Childcare can come in the form of agency supplied nannies, baby-sitters for hire, or childcare programs at resorts and hotels. If you have a nanny you can bring along on your trip, great. But for everyone else who needs childcare, we've put together some things you should consider when contemplating childcare away from home.

  • Make sure you have childcare in place long before you reach your destination and make a confirmation before you arrive.
  • Do the background research on the nanny, babysitter, or agency you're using ahead of time. Ask family and friends for recommendations. Try online parent boards.
  • If you are hiring an individual, make sure you speak to her ahead of time and get references. If it's an agency or childcare program, interview the director.
  • If you're hiring a nanny or babysitter, ask if she is CPR certified, how much experience she has, what ages she's worked with, and whether you feel she'll be a good fit for your infant. Never discount your gut feeling.
  • If you're working with a childcare program, you also need to find out the ratio of childcare providers to children, what necessities do they provide, what activities are included, and what hours they're available.
  • Last, but not least, find out what you'll be paying and establish a set number of hours.



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