Weather Warnings For Travelers

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What do I have to know about weather conditions when I’m traveling outdoors?

Weather Warnings For Travelers

Often, when it comes time to plan a vacation, we think of new sights, new experiences, and getting away from it all in a pleasant environment. We bet your vision of vacation time isn't that far off. But one thing travelers have to be wary about is dealing with inclement weather – especially if you're going to be indulging in outdoor travel. We've put together just a few of Mother Nature's fierce weather conditions that you might want to know about before you plan your trip to the outdoors.

Flash Floods – This is something you want to be aware of if you're going to be doing some driving. Flash floods just six inches deep can knock you down if the water is moving fast enough. At two feet, your car will float. If you encounter flood waters, the best thing to do is turn around and move to higher ground.

Hurricanes – Nothing can ruin a perfectly good tropical vacation like a hurricane. Hurricanes have winds that can sustain speeds of 74 miles an hour or more. Hurricane season typically begins in the beginning of June and lasts through the end of November. The good news is you have access to a warning system 24 hours before one is expected to hit.

Thunderstorms – Thunderstorms can produce a few unpleasantries like 100 mile per hour winds and hailstones. If you're going to a campground, it's always a good idea check what notification systems are in place in the event of severe weather like a thunderstorm. Also find out what shelter areas are available should threatening weather hit.

Tornadoes – Fast and furious, tornadoes whip through at winds of 250 miles per hour or more. They're most common east of the Rocky Mountains in the spring and summer. You'll also find them occurring in the South from March to May. Northern States may have tornadoes from late spring into summer.

Tsunamis – Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions can cause a massive crash of waves known as the Tsunami. Tourists have flocked to, rather than away from tsunamis in the past and we know you all know better. As soon as you hear a tsunami warning, head to higher ground.

Helpful Hint: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is the source to go to for checking out severe weather conditions. Check out their Website at



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