The Beach Trip

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What are some ideas for a beach trip with baby?

The Beach Trip

Beach trips make ideal vacations for families with babies. Babies will love spending some leisurely time outdoors by the shore. And there's an abundance of sand, surf, and sun in a relaxed setting that parents can enjoy as well. If you're contemplating a beach trip somewhere, we recommend renting a beach condo or beach house – you have all the amenities of home, but in an entirely new setting. Set up a beach tent shelter outside and read a book, while baby takes a nap. Pack some groceries or buy them once you arrive in town and eat a picnic outdoors.

Wondering where to go? Some of the most popular beach spots around the United States for families include beaches in California, Florida, or Texas.

California has its very own Catalina Island. You can get there by a ferry that runs every hour. The island is full of shops, restaurants, and water activities to explore. For a more outdoorsy alternative to a vacation rental, stay at Two Harbors and rent a tent cabin.

In Florida, try Amelia Island, just a 30-minute drive from Jacksonville International Airport. You can get there via bridge and choose from outdoor activities like hiking, bird watching, and hiking. Or take a stroll around the historic town and venture into their shops and restaurants.

In Texas, a great spot for families is South Padre Island in Galveston. You'll likely want to avoid spring break because it's a popular college party spot, but during the rest of the year, it's great for families. Take baby with you on a day cruise in the summer while you're trying to spot dolphins. Or go out to the sand to enjoy the sandcastle classes.



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