Where To Find Everything You Want To Know About Car Seats

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Where can I go for more information on infant car seats?

Where To Find Everything You Want To Know About Car Seats

If you want to get the low-down on which car seats are better to install or how to make travel with car seats safer for your baby, try one of these Websites.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (www.nhtsa.dot.gov) – Go here to find the latest guidelines and news about car seat safety. Concerned about product recalls? You can find that info here too.

Safe Kids Worldwide (www.safekids.org) - Their site contains some great safety information on the basic requirements for infant car seats. If you need some statistics to help you appreciate the value of a good car seat, you can find it on their site as well.

American Academy of Pediatrics (www.aap.org) - They are an excellent resource for what's safe and what's not for infants, toddlers, and children in child safety restraint systems. Their comprehensive car seat guides should tell you just about everything you want to know about keeping your child safe in a motor vehicle. You can also find a guide to many of the products available on the market.

CarSeatData.org (www.carseatdata.org) - If you want to find a car seat safety technician near you or just want to know if a car seat is compatible with your car, they have a large database from which you can do your research.



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