Your Infant Car Seat and the Rental Car

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How do I handle infant car seats if I’m renting a car or taking a taxi?

Your Infant Car Seat and the Rental Car

There are some instances when lugging around your infant car seat
is just not as convenient or practical. However, you can get around
without taking your own car seat with you everywhere.

When you rent a car, you can also rent a car seat for your infant or toddler. Rates vary, but they usually range from five to ten dollars per day on top of your normal car rental fee. Be prepared to tell them the age and weight of your infant so they can select the appropriate model. Since you won't have your usual infant car seat, there are a few things you can do to check on the safety of the car seats.

  • Inquire what models of car seats the rental company uses
  • Find out the model year.
  • Ask how often they replace the car seats.
  • Find out what criteria, if any, they have for replacing them.
If you're concerned about the safety ratings, check the Consumer Reports Website ( for their latest crash test ratings.

Helpful Hint: You have another option besides renting car seats from rental car agencies if you're not satisfied with what they have to offer. A number of companies offer car seat rentals, among other baby items. Baby's Away is one major rental equipment service provider with locations
throughout the United States that rents car seats and other baby items.



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