Easy Transport For Your Baby Car Seat

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What’s an efficient way to transport a convertible child car seat?

Easy Transport For Your Baby Car Seat

If you've ever tried lugging your baby car seat from your living room
out the door to your car, you're aware of just how bulky and cumbersome
it is. Although it's an essential part of safety for travel on the road
or plane, it's a heck of a pain to transport – unless you use one of
these nifty ideas for convertible infant car seats.

your baby car seat into a stroller. It's possible with the use of an
attachment such as the GoGo Kidz Travelmate. It's a lightweight, flat
apparatus with a telescopic handle and razor wheels. You just screw the
GoGo Kidz Travelmate to the back of your car seat, pull the handle, and
go. It retails for about $90. Parents we know think the price is a bit
steep, but well worth the ease of use and convenience.

Use a car
set bag with wheels. We've heard good things about the Wheelie Car Seat
Carrier by JL Childress. Put your car seat in, zip up the shaped bag,
and attach it to your luggage or pull by the D-ring handle. Though your
child can't sit in this one, it's protects your car seat from dings
when you're loading it in and out of the car, plane, or train.



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