Six Rules For Visiting Friends And Family

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How do I make a visit to friends and family go more smoothly?

Six Rules For Visiting Friends And Family

Once there is a new addition in your fold, it's likely friends and family will want to make plans to spend time with you and the baby. If Grandma and Grandpa are 300 miles away, or if your best friend lives in another time zone, it's possible you'll be called out for a visit. If that's the case, we've got some ideas that will make your journey and stay to go as smooth as possible.

  1. Communicate - Regardless of whether you're visiting with parents, in-laws, or a college buddy, make sure you communicate your plans and needs ahead of time. Though it is convenient to stay with loved ones, it's easy to let a lot of details fall by the wayside because you might expect everything will be in place. Here are the essentials: accommodations, childproofing, childcare, house rules, and itinerary. If you can more or less agree on all those things or at least know what to expect, you're in good shape.
  2. Pack the Basics - When in doubt of what you need to bring for baby, think of your packing needs this way – food, clothing, shelter, sleep, and poop. Think about how baby will eat, what she'll wear, where she'll be staying, how she'll sleep, and how you'll handle her diaper changes. It's a lot, but necessary for baby.
  3. Don't Forget Travel Gear – This task shouldn't vary too much from the travel items you'll need if you're going on vacation somewhere. If traveling by car, you'll need a car seat. If traveling by plane, you'll need a car seat or child approved harness safety device for the plane. Don't forget to asses whether you need a stroller or baby carrier as well.
  4. Bring Only What You Need – You don't have to pack up your entire house when traveling to your visit friends or family. You'll be much less stressed with less to carry and your hosts will appreciate less clutter. If you can buy an extra case of diapers when you get there, do so. If you can borrow a stroller instead of bringing your own, do so.
  5. Be gracious – Even staying with your own parents requires a certain level of appreciation. Though grandparents are more than anxious to spend time with their grandchildren, having an infant or toddler around can be tiring. Plan to have some time where everyone will have a break if you're going on an extended stay. Pitch in and help out with chores and groceries where you can.



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