How To Stay Sane On A Road Trip With Baby

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How can I make road travel with an infant easier?

How To Stay Sane On A Road Trip With Baby

If you have an infant who travels exceptionally well in the car, be thankful for your blessings. For parents who dread the thought of hitting the road with your infant, here is a list of things you can do to stay sane on the drive.

  1. Make a pack list and have everything ready one to two days before your road trip.
  2. The night before you leave, pack absolutely everything non-perishable into the car. Food, milk, and other items should all be ready in their containers so you can just grab and go when you're ready.
  3. Pack the necessities in a separate, easily accessible bag – like your diaper bag. Diapers, diaper cream, wipes, milk or formula, snacks, disposable bibs, plastic bags for trash, and utensils should all be within easy reach. A small cooler with ice also helps for storing perishables.
  4. Don't forget a change of clothes in case of spills and mishaps. Bring one for baby and one for you.
  5. Plan to leave so that baby will fall asleep during a naptime. Or try leaving in the early evening if your little one will sleep through a good portion of the night. The longer your infant sleeps in a car during a road trip, the better. However, don't wait so long to leave that by the time you're ready to go out to the car, your infant is tired and cranky.
  6. If you can spare one parent or adult, have that person sit in the back with baby to attend to her needs and entertain her.
  7. If you're driving during the day, make appropriate rest stops for baby for feedings, stretching out, and enjoying the view.
  8. Have toys and music on hand to soothe and entertain baby. You know what calms her best, so don't forget to pack what will keep her occupied and happy. When all else fails, singing works quite nicely with a lot of infants.



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