A Baby Carrier That Does Double Duty

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Is there a baby carrier that works as a backpack as well as baby carrier?

A Baby Carrier That Does Double Duty

Just when we thought we'd seen just about every type of baby carrier out there, we found one that doubles as a baby carrier and backpack. You can carry younger infants on your front and tote around essentials on your back. These baby carriers are made by Sherpani. You can choose from two models. The Sherpani Emi ($65) and the Sherpani Emi V2 ($95). The main difference is that the V2 model comes with a removable daypack, so you can choose to just carry baby and use the pack as a sling instead. Both versions come with a cozy fleece lined material to keep babies comfy and a tube sleeve for moms who want to hydrate on the go. The packs look sporty enough that we think dads would be as happy wearing them as much as moms.



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