Structured Backpack Carriers For Hiking

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What carrier is appropriate for hiking outdoors with my toddler?

Structured Backpack Carriers For Hiking

If you're heading to the great outdoors with baby in tow, consider a structured backpack tailor made for long hikes and sheltering your child from the harsh sun or inclement weather. Before you imagine you're going to be lugging around a hefty outdoor carrier plus a small child, listen to this – you can get a relatively lightweight structured backpack carrier. There are a number of models on the market with lightweight aluminum frames.

Take a look at the Kelty backpacks - designed for taking your infant on some outdoor excursions. The Kelty Pathfinder($190) is a mid-line model that's popular with fans of the Kelty brand. It weighs just over seven pounds, making it easier to take your child on an outdoor hike. Contoured shoulder straps and a molded padded belt help ensure your comfort, while a sun and rain hood helps keep your little one protected from the elements.

Sherpani also has two structured backpack carriers that parents are pleased with. The Sherpani brand is geared for women, but the structured carriers are designed for both men and women in mind. The Sherpani Rumba Superlight baby carrier is a great buy for $150 and weighs just over four pounds without accessories, while the $205 Rumba Unisex baby carrier is for those who want a bigger storage capacity.



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