Baby Carriers For Carrying Younger Babies and Newborns

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Which baby carriers work better for younger babies?

Baby Carriers For Carrying Younger Babies and Newborns

Baby carriers are a wonderful way to tote younger babies and newborns around. Parents get to have their hands free and babies get to be close to Mom or Dad. With younger infants, you should keep in mind the necessity for neck support when choosing a carrier.

For easy on, easy off carriers for younger babies and newborns, try a pouch. They're relatively simple to wear and place baby in. Just put a sling over one shoulder, tuck your infant in safely, and you're ready to go. Babies can be worn in front or back. Get one in the right fabric and color and Dads likely won't mind wearing this one to carry baby around in.

Slings are also good for younger babes, too. However, they require a bit more work in the beginning because having greater flexibility to carry your child in different positions also means figuring out what works best. Until your infant is at least a year, wear baby in front with a sling.

Soft front carriers are another great option for the youngest of infants. The appearance of most soft front carriers appeal to both mom and dads. Baby Bjorn makes one which works nicely for infants starting at eight pounds and 21 inches. For travel and carrying your little one for extensive periods, we recommend getting the Baby Bjorn Active Carrier version. The added lumbar support will remove a lot of weight off your shoulders.



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