Best Baby Carriers For Nursing On The Go

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Which baby carriers are best for nursing?

Best Baby Carriers For Nursing On The Go

If you're nursing and traveling, one way to keep baby close to you and facilitate easy nursing is by the use of a suitable baby carrier. Which baby carriers are best for nursing, you ask? While we don't think there is any one best bet, many baby wearing aficionados do feel the slings and pouches make nursing easier.

The sling is a loop of fabric with the ability to adjust the size and fit at the shoulder for a custom fit. Smaller infants stay cradled in the sling and you can carry her on the front, back, or hip. Sings come padded for extra comfort or without for maximum portability. There's a lot of great ones, but we like Ella Roo Baby Slings ($50 and up)– great fabrics, just a bit of padding, and not too much bulky fabric.

The pouch is another favorite among baby wearers. These baby carriers are just like the slings without the adjustability. The upside is you have a carrier you can easily pack away into your diaper bag or luggage. We like Hotslings ($45-$80) for their fashion forward fabrics. Plus they come with just a wee bit of give for added comfort.

Helpful Hint: To make your sling or pouch more comfortable, sizing is key. The bottom of your infant should end up between your hip and your belly-button.



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