Resources For Travel Safety

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Where can I find more information on travel safety?

Resources For Travel Safety

You've got good intentions. You mean to make travel as safe as possible, but you're really not sure where to look. Well, we've got that covered for you. Whether you need information on health concerns, first aid, or international travel, these resources are all great places to find out about travel safety.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Find out everything from how long you can store breast milk to how you can prevent diarrhea in young children and infants. Worried about health issues relating to a specific destination? You can find that here as well.

Transportation Security Administration
For information on getting through the screening process, what you can and can't bring on the plane, as well as information specific to packing baby food, formula, and breast milk, check out the Transportation Security Administration Website.

U.S. Consular Affairs
If you're concerned about travel safety abroad, legal issues pertaining to traveling out of the country with children, finding American doctors in a foreign country, or figuring out who to contact in the event of an emergency, you can find all of the information here.

American Academy of Pediatrics – The American Academy of Pediatrics issues guidelines on car seat safety, plane travel, and sun protection. We've included a few links that you'll find useful for home and during your travels.

  • Car Seats:
  • Sun Protection:
  • Vaccinations:
  • Safety and First Aid Checklist:



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