Be Prepared – The Travel Emergency Checklist

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What would you put on an emergency travel checklist for infants?

Be Prepared – The Travel Emergency Checklist

You're blissfully dreaming of taking a break from the daily doldrums of cleaning spit-up from the high chair, and sailing to warmer waters on the long awaited cruise. But wait. Before you start packing your bags, make sure you have your emergency checklist updated. In a true emergency, you won't want to spend precious time locating essential information. Here's an emergency checklist to keep things calm:

Emergency numbers – Create a list of emergency contacts. This includes your family doctor and medical contacts while away from home.

Insurance information – Have a record of your insurance carrier, medical record number, and insurance contact information. It's also a good idea to find out what you're covered for and where if you're outside of your local coverage area.

Prescriptions –Make sure you have enough to last throughout the trip or a feasible plan to get more medication if you need it.

Baby Proofing – Whether you're actually embarking on a cruise or braving the outdoors, check the accommodations of your destination ahead of time. Think about what items you need to bring to make baby proof your stay.

Immunizations – Check with your public health authorities on recommended immunizations if you're traveling abroad. Find out if any vaccines are appropriate for you or your infant.

Helpful Hint: Don't forget to include emergency contact information for mom, dad and siblings as well. Parents need to be in good health too!

You can create a laminated reference card with emergency numbers and your insurance information as well, including your medical record number and contact information. Pack the reference card in your travel first aid kit and then keep a second set of information with you. Make a separate card or put it on your PDA.



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