The Bare Essentials Plane Travel Pack List

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What items should I pack at minimum for a plane trip?

The Bare Essentials Plane Travel Pack List

Consider this familiar situation: you're hauling an oversized diaper bag on your shoulder that weighs more than your infant child. You've got a 30 pound stroller you're pushing and you're also carrying your baby over your shoulder. All this just to go to the mall or the playground for an afternoon.

Parents have enough stuff to schlep around on a daily routine. Plane travel can compound the situation. The secret? Pack efficiently only using the bare minimum essentials. Here are some plane travel packing tips to help lighten your load:

  • If you can manage it, don't check in your luggage. Just bring the requisite carry-ons to your flight. If it's a family trip, between you and your spouse, you should be able to survive a five-day trip with minimal luggage. Since you're usually limited to one carry-on and one personal item (check with your airline as rules are always changing), pack clothing and your personal essentials into your luggage.
  • Your diaper bag, which should qualify as your personal item, should include feeding gear appropriate for your child's age:
    • Bottle or sippy cup
    • Formula or breast milk
    • Baby food or snacks
    • Utensils if you need them
    • Disposable bibs and pre-packed hand wipes
    • Diapers
    • Diaper wipes
    • Diaper cream
    • Large Zip-lock bags for soiled items
    • Medications
    • One change of clothes for baby
    • Requisite travel documents
    • Small toy or teething ring
Helpful Hint: Our rule of thumb – pack as much as you need to get to your destination and then add some extra. You want to walk the fine line between being prepared and packing the bare essentials. Remember, unless you're going to a remote location, you can always buy more of what you need at your destination.



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